What does Washed.Co do?
Washed.Co allows you to schedule and pay for dry cleaning, laundry, and wash & fold delivery. Simply register by entering your address and payment information. You are now ready to have your dry cleaning & laundry done at the touch of a button!

How does the Washed.Co service work?
First, login to the App or Website and schedule a pick up. Gather your dry cleaning and laundry. Separate the dry cleaning from the wash & fold and place into two separate bags. Your delivery driver will pick up your garments on your scheduled day. We will inventory your clothes at our facility and update the app with your order. Once your garments are clean, they will be delivered to you on your scheduled delivery day. You will also receive a receipt and your credit card will be charged accordingly. We will return your clean clothes in a garment bag which converts to a tote to be filled with your next order of garments!

Do I have to be home to meet the driver?
You do not have to be home to meet the driver, but you will be responsible for the safety of your laundry. Feel free to leave your laundry on your porch, with a neighbor or concierge/door person, or anywhere else accessible to our driver. Please include this information in the “special instructions” on the app so our driver knows.

What if my driver is late?
Our driver will arrive on the scheduled delivery day within the scheduled arrival window.  

Should I tip my delivery driver?
Yes – with a smile and a positive review!

What does "Wash & Fold" mean?
It means you never have to do laundry again! We will pick up your laundry, expertly wash and dry it, and fold your clothes to return back to you.

What is Washed.Co’s pricing?
Please see the pricing screen on the App for our prices.